Furniture rental

Mēbeļu Bazārs offers new service – furniture rental. If you need to organize an event, an exhibition or some other type of celebration, you can not only buy furniture and accessories, but also rent them for even more affordable price than the furniture value. Our company specialists will help you find the most suitable and profitable solution for you!

Yours, Mēbeļu Bazārs

General terms and conditions for furniture rental
  • Minimum rental time is 1 day
  • Free reservation for furniture rentals is up to 3 days
  • If reservation is more than 3 days before the start of the rental, a charge is charged for each day of the reservation, which is over 3 days, the fee is 50% of the daily rent.
  • Before starting the rent, a mutual cooperation agreement is concluded
  • When handing over the furniture for rent, Acceptance Act of transfer is drawn up, accepting the return is also Acceptance Act
  • A security deposit must be paid prior to pick up of the rental furniture
  • Sunday is not considered as a pay day
  • All formalities are arranged in half an hour
  • If the total value of the items is up to 200 Eur – the rent is 20% of the value in the day
  • If the total value of the items is 201 Eur or more, the rent is 10% of the value in the day
  • If cleaning is required after the item has been delivered, this amount should be added to the total rental cost